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Sea Classics March 2018

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After being relieved from watch, a Sailor walks across the flight deck of the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) at Bremerton, Washington, on 25 December 2017. (USN/Erika Kugler


    The loss of this classic sailing ship brought out the best and the worst in humanity / by Michael D. White
    After fighting some of the deadliest Pacific battles, this plucky destroyer would succumb to the Tokyo Express / by Charles H. Bogart
    What had the potential of being one of the greatest Union victories of the Civil War ended in fiasco as human greed and corruption spelled ultimate defeat / by Dana Wegner
    This unusual weapon aided in protecting England’s small boats during the hazardous early days of the Second World War / by Larry L. Hothem
    This tired old cruiser was the only ship available to protect Canada’s west coast interests after the start of the Great War / by Jon D. McDermott
    A load of high explosives combined with ignorance on their handling led to a WWII disaster / by Howard Carter
    The improbable life and times of Germany’s World War Two aircraft carrier — the Graf Zeppelin / by William B. Mueller
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