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Sea Classics May 2018

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Britain’s “Grand Old Lady” — HMS Warspite was not only a hero of the Great War, but also of World War Two. Set aside for preservation, the historic ship would instead meet an unfortunate end


    This pluck Revenue Cutter would fight with Dewey in the Philippines and then go on to a long and successful career before being rammed and sunk / by Dennis L. Noble
    This historic Royal Navy battleship would fight in two world wars, be slated for preservation, but would come to a bad end / by James Huffstodt
    The German super-liners would go on to set records — yet they would be flying the flags of Germany’s sworn enemy / by David Reed
    Surrounded by U-Boats, this important Allied convoy fought its way through the perilous waters of the North Atlantic fairly unscathed — until one U-Boat Ace came along / by James Waters
    The greatest current photos of the USN in action taken by the best USN photojournalists / by Howard Carter
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